Old Habits Die Hard

Us women do give ourselves a hard time. I had the pleasure of attending my eldest daughters’ graduation yesterday and after 3 hard working years I couldn’t have been prouder when Darcy passed her degree with a first-class honours.

Whilst waiting for my youngest daughter who had just enjoyed her first day at university I grabbed a coffee and a croissant. I became aware of a couple of beautiful ladies whom were also enjoying a coffee looking at me.

My default setting went to ‘I bet their thinking fat old cow she shouldn’t be eating that croissant’, I continued to tuck in and check my emails. A few minutes later one of the ladies sat beside me and said, ‘I have to say you look amazing, my friend and I were just saying how wonderful you look and how great your hair is’.

As some of you are aware my journey to 50 saw me tossing out the hair dye and excepting myself for the first time; read my blog here https://maxineownsit.com/2018/02/06/life-begins-at-50-claptrap/ or so I thought! Note to self, try to be nicer to Maxine.

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