She is clearly saying no! But is time up for women too?

Artemisia Gentileschi a 17th-century artist. Her painting below was the first to show sexual accosting by the two Elders as a traumatic event. She has her hands up to the elders and is clearly saying NO!

I’ve given the #timesup campaign a lot of thought recently. I first began pondering how would I feel if my children were boys rather than girls?

You see my first point of reference is how as a parent I would need to educate boys on the fact that ‘no means no’. That led me to the stark realisation that as a mother of girls – I have an equal duty to educate them on the messages they give out.

Now I’m all for my girls being able to express themselves as they want to – but they have to realise that they too are responsible for the messages they choose to portray. As a parent, I really feel it is my duty to ensure they are fully aware how they put themselves across in certain situations and how this could be received and misinterpreted.

Hey – I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom of actions but my point is, these may translate differently to someone else. My girls have to ensure the messages they are giving off are the ones they are happy to give out and be aware of the situations this could lead to.

I say this as I have in the past found myself in compromising situations and looking back now I see how my naivety possibly led to this. I recall enjoying the attention my sexuality and flirting attracted but only wanting it to go so far.

This is why now I find myself in a position of needing to educate my girls how best to conduct themselves, or at least offering them the knowledge to look at situations from others perspectives.

So my question is, is time up for all?

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